SI All-American Candidate Kamari Lassiter Highlights and Evaluation

SI All-American

Prospect: DB Kamari Lassiter 

Projected Position: Cornerback

Status: SI All-American Candidate 

Vitals: 6-foot, 175 pounds

School: Tuscaloosa (Ala.) American Christian

Committed to: Georgia 

Frame: Long-limbed prospect with room to add needed weight on the collegiate level. Plays bigger than he is. 

Athleticism: Really physical football player with great hips and an ability to stop and leap immediately. He’s got great play strength and recovery speed. He’s not a measurables player, but the tape says he’s a better athlete in pads than in shorts at a camp. 

Instincts: He takes his knowledge and experience as a great route runner and translates that into playing with anticipation as a defensive back. Once he makes a play, he has a nose for the endzone. He can really track the football as a wideout as well. 

Polish: The technique is excellent as a defensive back, so apart from working on the athlete physically, there’s not much you will have to clean up. He’s going to project into the slot due to his physicality and willingness to add on in the run game. 

Bottom Line: Players like Lassiter are invaluable in the modern game of college and professional football. Players with the ability to tackle, cover, and make a play on the football find a fit regardless of scheme. He’s a player that is much better than national opinion suggests.

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John Garcia Jr.
John Garcia Jr.


Lassiter to Georgia