SI All-American Candidate Kelan Robinson Highlights and Evaluation

SI All-American

Prospect: WR Kelan Robinson
Projected Position: Wide Receiver
Status: SI All-American candidate 
Vitals: 6-foot-3, 190 pounds
School: Grand Prairie (Texas) South Grand Prairie 
Committed to: Kansas

Frame: Long and built all-around with a tremendous wingspan. Ripped physique.

Athleticism: Good straight-line speed to compliment a height advantage on deep throws. Probably has 10% body fat, and he can really run once he gets up to speed. He favors a stutter-step release, possibly taking away from separation gained through pure speed as opposed to a mixed tempo/rhythm. 

Instincts: Ball skills are there, he’s shown some over the shoulder prowess. Good at stacking corners early on deep routes with his stutter-step. He can bully most corners on run plays with his blocking tenacity. 

Polish: Not much film of him as a pass-catcher to judge in terms of consistency, but he shows flashes of good plays. Clearly got some tools and we think he fits best as a deep threat go up and get it type guy. 

Bottom Line: Kelan Robinson is a larger-than-normal guy who's a good athlete in a position where athleticism is everything. He’s big and fast, and he can catch difficult throws. He’s also more physical than most receivers his age, so look for him on special teams early in his collegiate career.