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SI All-American Candidate Lee Hunter Highlights and Evaluation

Lee Hunter is an offensive and defensive tackle prospect from Mattie T. Blount High School in Prichard, Ala. Hunter is an SI All-American candidate.

Prospect: Lee Hunter
Status: SI All-American candidate
Vitals: 6-foot-5, 292 pounds
Position: Offensive Tackle 
School: Prichard (Ala.) Mattie T. Blount
Committed to: Auburn 
Projected Position: Defensive Tackle 

Frame: First off the bus frame with massive upper body. Elite length with basketball-like wingspan. Room to tone midsection and add strength and mass to lower half. 

Athleticism: Two-sport standout with success on the basketball court, particularly earlier in prep career. In football, plays on both sides of the line with success to the point that an offensive line projection isn’t far off. Dabbled at tight end as an underclassman with some success down the field. Runs with great stride relative to size but excels in tight spaces due to quickness. 

Instincts: Hard to move at the point of contact on either side of the ball. Great length makes disengaging easier on defense while keeping defenders at bay while blocking. Labors but finishes with power and pop, flashing great quickness along the way. 

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Polish: Immense power prospect with early-stage pass-rushing moves and head-snapping finishing ability. Tends to play high at times with a motor that can stall, but when motivated there are few trenchmen with his potential. Strong enough to shift a gap with his free hand and quick enough to pressure the passer with a swim or club counter. 

Bottom Line: Hunter has the physical tools to be a trench force no matter where he lines up in college. It doesn’t take much imagination to see him as a two-gapping interior defender or as a right tackle stalwart on offense. For now, he’s most comfortable on defense as an elite run-stopping nose who can collapse a pocket with sheer force. As his polish matches his length and flash, he could push for All-American status in the SEC.