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Prized Alabama DB Rickey Gibson Talks Finalists, More Heading into Decision

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Rickey Gibson is set to make his college decision on Sunday, picking between Georgia, Penn State, and Tennessee. With less than forty-eight hours away from the moment, Gibson goes in-depth on each finalist and his game with Sports Illustrated All-American. 

Gibson caught the attention of college coaches coming out of his junior season, and his stock has only continued to rise since. It has become clear he is a coveted prospect. 

"It is the fact that I have only played the spot for one year," Gibson said of what he thinks is special about his game. "I like that I am long, fast and explosive. I think I can bend well out of my break and go get it."

Having only played the position for a year, Gibson is still learning the intricacies of the position, something he admits is the most challenging part of the position at this phase.

"I think the little side of learning the ins and outs," Gibson said of what the biggest challenge has been with learning the position after moving from wide receiver. " I love press coverage and am efficient in it, but I think the biggest challenge is the switch from the receiver and learning those ins and outs."

Heading into his senior season, Gibson is focused on improving his game in a couple of crucial facets. 

"I want to say off-man and trusting my speed in off-man," Gibson said of where he wants to see his game improve. "I can also add to the physicality side always too."

Gibson plans to put his individual commitment moment behind him now because he is only focused on his team heading into the fall.

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"To be honest, winning state is the only thing on my mind," Gibson said of this. "I could care less about the individual accolades and that side of things. If they happen, they happen, but the only thing I care about is winning state."

Gibson has been high on James Franklin's program since the Nittany Lions entered the picture for him in June. 

"When they offered me, those guys stuck on me," Gibson said of why Penn State made his top three. " They have been on my mind for a while. I like the Big Ten because they throw the ball a lot, but it is just something different about Penn State I like."

Josh Heupel's staff got on him early in the recruitment and have not slowed in their pursuit yet. 

"Tennessee made the final three because they have been on me since the end of the season," Gibson said of Josh Heupel's program making the final schools. "I have been up there a handful of times, and I am comfortable with those guys."

Georgia is the latest program to offer Gibson, but they have pursued him hard since offering, letting him know he is a priority prospect for the defending national champions. 

"They were later on me, but when they offered me, I just felt the love from those guys," Gibson said of Georgia making his final three. "I have been down there twice with a camp and their Dawg Days event. After the camp, I got to talk to Kirby some, and then at Dawg Days, I got to sit down with them and my parents even more and talk about how I fit as well."

As Gibson's recruitment comes to a close, he is focused on a couple of factors as he works towards a final decision. 

" I would say communication is the biggest thing for me," Gibson said of how he sees one school separating from the rest. "I just want to see how they can use me and how I can benefit their program. I don't want to go there just for them to say they have me. I want to see what they can do with me and how they can use me."