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SI All-American Candidate Romello Brinson Highlights and Evaluation

Romello Brinson is a wide receiver prospect from Northwestern High School in Miami, Fla. Brinson is an SI All-American candidate.

Prospect: WR Romello Brinson 

Projected Position: Wide Receiver

Status: SI All-American candidate

Vitals: 6-foot-2, 180 pounds

School: Miami (Fla.) Northwestern

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Schools of Interest: Miami

Frame: Classic lean frame with solid length. Narrow from torso through the midsection. Sleek, yet defined calves. 

Athleticism: Sprinter in track and field. Solid foot quickness in releases with good play urgency. Natural and athletic movement skills. Shows a good speed cut on digs to grow gaps from coverage. Has fair, wiry functional strength. Athletic ability is proven through his consistent and very good adjustability at catch points. He can reach and pluck balls over his head with his mitts. Solid in RAC-phase elusiveness.

Instincts: Typically utilizes either a 2-step/blade or 3-step flat release versus press coverage. Displays solid initial stemming to manipulate hips of coverage. Will work in a rip to combat secondary jams. Flashes a push-by technique at the top of his route on comebacks. Good eyes and tracking. Comfortable with traffic at catch points and will attack balls to high-point defenders. 

Polish: Aligns in multiple spots: boundary X, both #1 and #2 in trips, stacker in 2x2 sets. Route tree currently consists of posts, fades, comebacks, digs, gos, and quick-game concepts. He needs to continue to improve hand usage in his releases, as well as his consistent ability to motor down on comebacks and curls. He also must continue to improve upfield transfer and burst in RAC-phase. 

Bottom Line: Hailing from Miami (Fla.) Northwestern, Brinson routinely plays against athletically-talented competition. He can perform multiple roles for an offense and has very good adjusting ability to throws and good ball skills. Though he needs to develop more mass and strength, Brinson has a skill set that projects as a multi-faceted swing receiver for a college offense.