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SI All-American Candidate Terrence Ferguson Highlights and Evaluation

Terrence Ferguson is an offensive tackle prospect from Peach County High School in Fort Valley, Ga. Ferguson is an SI All-American candidate.

Prospect: OL Terrence Ferguson

Projected Position: Offensive Tackle/Guard

Status: SI All-American Candidate 

Vitals: 6-foot-4, 290 pounds

Position: Offensive Tackle

School: Fort Valley (Ga.) Peach County

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Committed to: Alabama

Frame: Ideal tackle height and weight with plus arm length. Could use some reshaping, but nothing a solid strength and conditioning program won’t clean up. 

Athleticism: Thick, yet tight-hipped athlete that plays with quick feet and understands an opponent’s body lean when engaged. He plays with great energy and effort and has tremendous pop in his hand strike. Has positional versatility on the next level, but all the necessary requirements to excel at tackle on the Power-5 level. 

Instincts: Just understands leverage in every sense of the word. The film also shows that he clearly understands the play intention and design based on where he’s putting that big backside. Nasty is an understatement. He’s driving defenders off the screen and pursuing linebackers at the next level. 

Polish: Technician. Rarely, if ever, overstrides or false steps. Aims small and misses small in his hand strike, especially in pass pro. For someone who struggles with hip tightness, he reaches well on outside zone scheme, which will only get better on the next level. Can be a bit of a leaner in the run game; could fire those hips a bit more. 

Bottom Line: Is this the next Andrew Thomas? Ferguson’s technique is out of the world; all that needs refining is the tightness in his hips. Like Thomas, he’s rarely in a bad position. The only difference is, Thomas cleaned a lot up in college technique-wise, and this guy won’t have to. Not near the athlete, but plenty to make do.