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SI All-American Candidate Ty Thompson Highlights and Evaluation

Ty Thompson is a quarterback prospect from Mesquite High School in Gilbert, Ariz. Thompson is an SI All-American candidate.

Prospect: Ty Thompson
Status: SI All-American candidate
6-foot-4, 200 pounds 
Position: Quarterback 
School: Gilbert (Ariz.) Mesquite
Committed to: Oregon 
Projected Position: Quarterback

Frame: Tall with great length and muscle definition in arms. Room to add mass to lower half and trunk. 

Athleticism: Comfortable operating outside of the pocket with functional mobility. Plays with great balance in the pocket and appears to throw from the hip with great power at times. Squares shoulders well when resetting, with power to step into deeper throws. Strong lateral mover to avoid initial rush. 

Instincts: Athletic enough to evade the rush and get eyes back downfield. Throws with torque and great lean when feet are set in the pocket. Can flash additional arm angles with a quick trigger on occasion. Anticipates breaks well and snaps his head around to get to secondary reads. 

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Polish: Strong, near 90-degree release point with considerable zip on the football. Easy delivery with follow-through accuracy with considerable success outside the numbers. Pushes the ball down the field with high arc and relative ease. Slightly methodical in setting up outside the pocket with room to improve overall footwork. 

Bottom Line: Thompson has the makeup of a talented spread field general but shines brightest while operating from a strong base in the pocket. He is accurate to all three levels with enough movement skills to keep a defense honest and/or to extend the play. As he works to get through progressions more efficiently, can blossom into multi-year college starter.