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Watch Texas A&M QB Commit Conner Weigman Punch Ticket to Elite 11 Finals

SI All-American has scores of throws from the class of 2022 quarterback recruit on tape

KATY, Texas -- Not only was there high expectation, fluctuating bad weather and a strong field, but there was also a slow start for Conner Weigman to deal with. 

The Cypress (Texas) Bridgeland quarterback, who committed to Texas A&M on February 4, was also entering the Elite 11 Houston regional on Sunday with baseball work more prevalent in his weekly schedule of late. 

Even still, the big, physical and athletic athlete pulled through with one of the top performances of the day in the nation's most prestigious quarterback competition. It was enough to be invited to the Elite 11 Finals, announced at the end of the near five-hour workout. It was moments prior where onlookers found out just how well Weigman tested to kick off the day from an athletic standpoint, finishing with an Elite 11 athletic rating of 99.03, good for second among the 80-plus competitors. Only Bert Emmanuel, Jr., son of the former NFL wide receiver, scored higher. 

Looking back at the future Aggie's performance (video above), the first thing SI All-American noticed shortly after arrival was Weigman's stature. Standing nearly 6'3" and clearly over 200 pounds, few on hand looked the part of a Power 5 quarterback like the native Texan did. He moved just as strongly in warm-ups, reflective on his Friday night tape and of course in the athletic testing that went down in about 60 degrees and a steady rain. 

When the arm was loosened up, the classic, three-quarter motion on full display, Weigman missed some throws high. It was like he had to recalibrate after baseball work, but after a few off the mark, he was able to settle and get back on track. As far as we could tell, things changed during a drill where the passers were asked to collect the snap, push vertically and sell a play fake, then square up and fire on a deep comeback. 

Coaches audibly praised the sell before he locked in on the target and threw a dart to the receiver's outside shoulder, near perfectly along the sidelines. Elite 11 coach and former NFL and college quarterback Jake Heaps slapped Weigman's hand with excitement and the run to a finals invite became pretty evident from there. 

It seemed like when Weigman was asked to make plays on the move, he was most at home. The drills designed to make passers uncomfortable, from throws against the body to reversing out and redirecting multiple times before a delivery, was where the rising-senior was tough to top. He keeps his shoulders square and delivers with great height and velocity to short and intermediate levels. 

On some of the few deep throws on the day, there was a bit of laboring from Weigman in the pocket, but the accuracy and timing was still on point. He doesn't waste much motion in his drop, targeting and release -- one of the more consistent motions on this day of seemingly 100 throws. A solid pro day script, almost rapid fire to 180 degrees of varying targets, would wrap up one of the top sessions in an always-talented Texas regional.

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The Elite 11 Finals, pitting about two dozen of the nation's top qualifiers from the regionals, will take place in Nashville this summer. 

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