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SI All-American Candidate Wyatt Milum Highlights and Evaluation

Wyatt Milum is an offensive tackle prospect from Spring Valley High School in Huntington, W.V. Milum is an SI All-American candidate.

Prospect: Wyatt Milum
Status: SI All-American candidate
Vitals: 6-feet-6, 285 pounds
Position: Offensive Tackle                                                             
School: Huntington (W.V.) Spring Valley
Committed to: West Virginia
Projected Position: Offensive Tackle

Frame: Prototype size with room to add some serious weight in college. Has long arms with evenly distributed weight. 

Athleticism: Kick step shows light feet. Plays with his hips underneath him along with quick choppy steps. He redirects well in open spaces as well. Brute more than an athlete, but has top-end traits on the line. 

Instincts: Shows a knowledge of playscheme and design based off of body placement during blocks. He also seems technical in terms of footwork and hand placement. He can be a bit of a leaner in the run game. 

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Polish: The leaning in the run game will need to be cleaned up quickly upon arrival, and he is clean enough in the hips to do so. Has played right tackle in high school and will likely remain there in college. 

Bottom Line: Yep, this is exactly what a West Virginia tackle looks like. Milum is just downright nasty at the point of attack with the length to keep you from the passer. He’s been well-coached in his pass set despite rarely having to do so.