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The FGA Report: Talking Top 2023 Cornerback Recruit AJ Harris

Being great on and off the gridiron helps separate AJ Harris from the pack.
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The state of Alabama has long since been one of America's hotbeds for talent. The recruiting cycle of 2023 will be even better than usual, and it's led by one of the nation's top cornerbacks. This young possesses the traits that are ardently sought after.

To be a great football prospect, there are many things to consider. One can look at the natural speed of a player, the ability to change direction, innate strength, and the ability to be coached and apply the skills needed to compete. All of those are great qualities that college football coaches want from a prospect. There’s another category that’s growing in importance, however.

How a player acts off the gridiron, especially when in front of a camera and/or microphone matters. In fact, it’s often the difference between which players receive offers and which players do not.

One step further, and this area is huge for the NFL so take note: the “Not For Long” league wants to promote a positive image that’s easy going and as relaxed as possible.

The NFL wants to use videos of players that bring in money by projecting a positive image and not make viewers turn off the television instead.

Can a player be interviewed and speak clearly? Does that player definitively answer questions and not seem jaded or distraught when asked tough questions? Off the field, during general conversations, a person’s attitude and personality matters as well.

Does that player present an easy going and fun nature when people are around and the cameras are not rolling? Just like with college football coaches that seek out additional information about recruits in their respective hometowns, NFL teams look for as much off the record information as possible to help them fill out their NFL Draft boards.

All of those types of questions and scenarios are a positive for 2023 recruit AJ Harris of Phenix City (Ala.) Central (he played for Glenwood in 2021). That’s why he’s as sure a bet for long-term success as any recruit, regardless of position, in the class of 2023. It starts with physical talents and his natural football instincts.

The 6’1”, 180-pound cornerback possesses those finite skills that defensive back coaches seek. Quick twitch, long arms, open-field speed, excellent hand-eye coordination, the proper timing to undercut a route and go for the football.

All of those attributes have helped Harris earn offers from a who's who list of college football programs like Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Ohio State, Georgia, Alabama, Florida State, Notre Dame, Michigan, North Carolina, Utah, Arkansas, UCF, Texas, Southern California, and LSU to name just some of his offers.

Harris is the quintessential cornerback recruit for the modern age of football. He can play in the slot or out wide, and do so with his unique size and length. The extra intangibles noted towards the beginning of this article, however, are what make him unique and why he’s a great bet to reach the NFL one day.

Harris is featured with The FGA Report, which will highlight a top prospect from one of Florida, Georgia or Alabama each time another episode comes out. Just started a facebook page, so bookmark it and check back frequently:

FGA Report on Facebook

Today’s podcast of The FGA report goes in depth with video of Harris in action, and then discusses his intangibles off the field of play as well.

For UCF coverage and recruiting information go to: The Daily Knight podcast. For more college football, UCF and recruiting information, go to Twitter: @fbscout_florida and @UCF_FanNation, as well as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Like and Subscribe!

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