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Talking Florida Recruiting, UF Versus UCF, with All Gators Publisher Zach Goodall

An overview of all things happening with the Florida Gators Football program.
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To say that All Gators Publish Zach Goodall has been busy the past month or so would be a huge understatement. It was not easy just to get him on the podcast because he's been so busy.

Goodall is running a site covering one of the SEC’s most popular teams in Florida, watched and reported about former Head Coach Dan Mullen being fired because of how awful the Gators played and recruited under his watch this season, and finally the switch to now Head Coach Bill Napier.

Oh, there’s National Signing Day tomorrow! 

What happened with talented wide receiver recruit Jayden Gibson? There are some interesting thoughts about the so-called workout video requirement that Coach Napier requested, causing decommitments. Goodall provided his thoughts on the topic.

The Gators sit with just seven verbal commitments but that could well change.

Plus, the Gators will play in-state opponent UCF in the Gasparilla Bowl on Dec. 23 in Tampa at Raymond James Stadium. There’s been much debate about how the Florida coaching staff, most of which will likely be let go after the bowl game, will perform while likely not being back for the game.

Here’s a run down of the talking points for the podcast with Goodall:

All Gators Publisher Zach Goodall joins the podcast to discuss several topics about the Florida Gators Football program including:

**The coaching change from Dan Mullen to Napier.

**How Coach Napier is requiring workout videos for committed prospects.

**The current Florida recruiting class.

**Prospects that might still sign with the Gators like Azareyeh Thomas, Kamari Wilson, and Jamarrien Burt.

**Coach Napier's efforts to bring in a top-notch assistant coaching staff.

**The opt-outs and players like Zach Carter that will or will not be playing for the Gators against UCF in the Gasparilla Bowl.

**How motivated Florida will be to play against UCF in a bowl game.

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