SI Insider: Mike Gundy Films Video Apology But the Story Is Far From Over

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On Tuesday, Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy released a filmed apology to his team after a photo surfaced of him wearing a One America News Network t-shirt. SI's Pat Forde has more on Gundy and his apology.

Pat Forde:

On Tuesday, suddenly embattled Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy read a very wooden apology from a script on a video concerning his wearing of the OAN t-shirt. And the firestorm it produced within his football program at Oklahoma State. Gundy realized, I think, rather quickly than, if he didn't shame on him - that he needed to walk back the situation there when the nation's leading rusher is calling him out on social media, when his best defensive player is joining in one of three-year starting offensive lineman is doing the same. The situation had really spiraled to a point where a guy who was 15 years into his tenure, was an alum, and who is very well entrenched in Oklahoma State was suddenly in a major crisis. 

Clearly, if you are considered by the top players in your program to be, at least, at best, insensitive to African-Americans in their current situation, that's not going to put you in very good position. It's going to kill you in recruiting and there's going to be a lot of other problems attached. So Mike Gundy attempted to get ahead of it with that video apology. We will see how much good that does. I would not think this story is anywhere near over. The running back who started all this, Chuba Hubbard has maintained his presence on social media, trying to hold Gundy accountable here. It's obviously been less bellicose than when it started. But still, I would think that Mike Gundy has a long way from out of the woods in Stillwater.