Cade Cunningham Reaffirms His Commitment to Oklahoma State

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One of the nation's top recruit reaffirms his commitment to Oklahoma State despite NCAA postseason ban.

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Jason Jordan: Well, on Monday, Cade Cunningham made Oklahoma State easily the happiest fanbase in the country by reaffirming his commitment to them, and he's here with us right now to kind of talk it through. Cade was is going on, my man.

Cade Cunningham: How you doing?

Jason Jordan: I'm good, man. I'm good. I know the Oklahoma State fans are good. Talk to me because as you well know, the NCAA committee on infractions handed down some penalties for your team. One of which was a postseason ban for next season. I'd imagine that would kind of, you know, makes you have a thought process. Right, so take me through that thought process on what were you thinking in that after you heard about this? And how close were you to potentially maybe taking a different route?

Cade Cunningham: Well, you know, when the news first broke out, it's easy to know immediately think, well, let's go get some money, you know, the more glamorous routes or whatever. But I really want to look at everything thoroughly but at the end of the day, I knew I wanted to stay at Oklahoma State, but I felt like I had to check my options. My relationship with Coach Boynton, I think trumped everything else. And I that's who I want to play for, it wasn't too hard to at the end of the day?

Jason Jordan: I understand that and obviously this year, Covid-19, made you miss out on the chance to pursue a national title. The Geico Nationals, everybody was calling you all potentially the greatest high school team that was ever assembled. But you never got a chance to kind of get that ring. And I know you wanted that. We've talked about that before. So you didn't get a chance to pursue a national title this year, next year. I know you all are appealing that decision by the NCAA. But as it stands, you won't have a chance to pursue a national title next season. How is that it? Was that a tough pill to swallow? Talk about that a little bit.

Cade Cunningham: It definitely was playing in March Madness is something that I've always dreamed of growing up. So whenever I whenever they came out with the ruling, I would definitely say I was hurt by it. But I still feel like, you know, that we could have enough success this year at Oklahoma State to really make a change in the program and turn things around and that's something I want to do.

Jason Jordan:  So is the goal now. I know your biggest thing for you is winning. Is the goal now to win the Big 12 regular-season title? I mean that. I mean, as again, we know you're appealing the decision, but as it stands, that will be, you know, the thing you can win. Is that what your goal is now?

Cade Cunningham: Definitely. I mean, we definitely will win every game we play. So the goal is to not lose any games this year. That's a tough task being in the Big 12 but I know we're going to compete for sure, that's no question.

Jason Jordan:  Absolutely. Now, as college campuses open, they have been athletes return back to school. You know, obviously, we're still in a pandemic. So Covid-19 cases are popping up, especially in football programs around the country. How safe do you feel going to campus right now and going to maybe a workout and, you know, doing some summer workouts with your teammates? How safe do you feel doing that?

Cade Cunningham: I mean, I definitely think that it just depends on the person. I've been playing a lot of basketball, working out right now and this and this off time. So people are monitoring each other and checking on each other. But I have no problem going back. I definitely want to get back to work.

Jason Jordan: Cade Cunningham, definitely appreciate your time.

Cade Cunningham: Thank you. Thank you for having me.