What is St. Louis pizza?

Most people have no idea exactly what St. Louis-style pizza is, but one NBA prospect is a fan.
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Jayson Tatum threw his full support to St. Louis-style pizza this week, prompting Americans everywhere to ask: What exactly is that?

The key components are a thin cracker crust (hint: don't use yeast) and Provel cheese. Then it's cut into squares. Provel is a processed cheese that was created by a St. Louis grocery company in the middle of the 20th century. While it can be made by combining Swiss, sharp cheddar and smoked provolone it essentially tastes like none of them. The sauce traditionally features oregano in a starring role.

Tatum, a St. Louis native and one of the top NBA prospects this year, proudly proclaimed ahead of the draft that his hometown pizza is his favorite food.

He reiterated the point on national TV ahead of the draft, giving a shoutout to Imo's Pizza—the famous St. Louis company that has served up thin-crust pizza for over 50 years now. Other famous St. Louis foods include toasted ravioli and gooey butter cake, but apparently those have not captured Tatum's heart.

Imo's, though, has clearly always been a favorite.

Most people don't feel as strongly (or positively) about STL-style pizza as Tatum, but here's a little preview of the experience, courtesy of Imo's:

Fans who are intrigued will have to make their way to St. Louis for a taste – enjoy.