The New York Times just created the craziest sandwich take of 2017.

By Shay Spence
July 11, 2017

As Twitter exploded over the news about Donald Trump Jr.’s emails on Tuesday morning, another controversy has been making the viral rounds: a strange tale about a sandwich.

In a New York Times op-ed titled “How We Are Ruining America”, columnist David Brooks wrote about income inequality in the U.S. and the inherent advantage that upper-middle-class citizens have in our society. While he began the piece with some concrete statistics about class structure, his point got derailed when he told the story of a meal he had with a friend with a lower level of education than himself.

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“Recently I took a friend with only a high school degree to lunch,” Brooks writes in the story published Tuesday morning. “Insensitively, I led her into a gourmet sandwich shop. Suddenly I saw her face freeze up as she was confronted with sandwiches named ‘Padrino’ and ‘Pomodoro’ and ingredients like soppressata, capicollo and a striata baguette. I quickly asked her if she wanted to go somewhere else and she anxiously nodded yes and we ate Mexican.”

The paragraph was widely criticized as condescending on Twitter, with journalist Max Read calling it “utterly insane.”

Others went with pure mockery, as Twitter does best.

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