Thomas Genon, who is quickly climbing the rankings in MTB slopestyle, performs a front flip on his mountain bike at Retallack Lodge, near Nelson, BC Canada.
Scott Serfas/Red Bull Content Pool
By Daniel Friedman and Richard O'Brien
April 17, 2014

In this week's edition of SI Edge's Weekly Picks, Kelly Slater allegedly tapes a shark with his GoPro, Lance Armstrong takes a new profession and an 85-year-old track coach competes for ten gold medals.

Did Kelly Slater Film a Shark with his GoPro?

An 11-time ASP World Tour Champion, Kelly Slater knows a thing or two about the ocean. In this recent video, shot with Slater's GoPro video camera, Slater films himself barreling through a wave, and while he’s filming you can faintly see a dark figure in the water that looks to be a shark.

The Duel Continues: Arch Bests Bonhomme in Rovinj

The top pilots in the world recently descended upon Croatia to compete in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship. Flying through ridiculous obstacle courses, these pilots are put to the ultimate test. Watch as Hannes Arch rallies from behind to upset Red Bull Air Race World Championship leader Paul Bonhomme.

Lance Armstrong Works As a Bike Mechanic…

After leaving the world of cycling under the worst of circumstances, the 7-time Tour de France winner takes a gig doing what he knows best, working in a bike shop. In this video, Armstrong demonstrates how to change a flat tire. Hey, everybody's got to make a living.

…And Lindsey Vonn Is a Ticket Broker

Speaking of world-class athletes looking for extra work to pay the bills, 4-time World Cup champion and Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn recently took some part-time work as a ticket broker at Vail ski resort in Colorado. One great perk about the gig is she'll be able to take advantage of some awesome employee discounts. Rumor has it Vonn is a pretty good skier.

Mountain Biking on the Brink

What's it like to fly down the ridge of a mountain so narrow you feel like you'll fall straight down if you even think about going a little to the left or too much to the right? This is what it's like.

It's Parkour. It's dogs. What more could you want?

Feed Your Running Addiction

If you had to run everyday or you would go through a pseudo-withdrawal period where your body physically hurts, then this 135-mile run is just the medicine you need. Take a jog with Josh as he runs the ridiculously long trek of the Caminho De Fe - the Path of Faith - in Brazil.

The Pits: A Brief History of the Formula 1 Pitstop

Take a look at the way pitstops used to be back when Formula 1 racing cars used to look like the little contraptions you would cobble together in shop class and set off on a races down the hallways. The announcer gives off a truly vintage feel as he walks you through the process. Then it appears one of the crew members simply beats on the car with a wrench to get the wheel changed. That's just how they fixed things back in the '50s.

Fighting For 10 Gold Medals

As per the film's website, Bill Welsh runs two races every weekend and one track meet a month. He comes in last in every event he enters – but he doesn’t care. The film, set against the backdrop of New York City’s least-beloved borough, Staten Island, tells the story of the 85-year old track coach and his dream of winning ten gold medals at the state Masters track and field championship.

Hurley's Nationalistic Phantom Board Shorts

Getting into the patriotic spirit, Hurley has reimagined its new Phantom board short in the patriotic colors of the U.S., Brazil and France. With corresponding tees and hats, Hurley wants soccer and surf fans to unite to "fly the flag" of their favorite country, even on the sand and in the waves. The national team Phantoms—made from 12 recycled plastic water bottles to help create the lightweight 60 percent stretch material—are available on May 1, a colorful start to the coming World Cup. — Tim Newcomb


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