Welcome to the future of baseball scouting analytics

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Perfect Game, the world’s largest baseball scouting organization, has announced a partnership with Zepp Labs to introduce technology into the process.  This weekend, Perfect Game is hosting the PG All American Classic at Petco Park in San Diego, baseball’s version of the NFL or NBA scouting combines, and for the first time, as the press release says, “All participants at the game will use the Zepp sensors at batting practice and during the home run competition to capture and measure relevant data metrics, including bat speed, hand speed and time to impact.”


​The sensor’s secret is the advanced 3D technology that captures more than 1,000 data points on every swing of a bat.  The tiny sensor attaches to the end of a bat and “creates a perfect 3D rendering on any smartphone or tablet.”  This will help the development of all players, young and old, to improve their game, allowing them to see perfect 3D replication of their swings, as well as instant and actionable feedback and data including bat speed, hand speed, time to impact, instruction and more.  Moving forward, the Zepp sensors will continue to be used at all Perfect Game events to aid in their overall performance evaluation.

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This partnership represents a joint venture between the most powerful scouting organization in the game and a frontrunner in sports technology.  According to the organization, Perfect Game holds “more than 100 events…in all parts of the United States,” and the All American Classic in San Diego is their premier event of the year.  As the press release states, “nearly every player enters the MLB draft and/or signs with the top college programs in the country,” which includes “149 first round draft picks in just 11 years.”  Meanwhile, Zepp Labs “focuses on delighting customers with simple, helpful and enlightening hardware, software and services.”  Zepp’s sensor has uses in multiple sports, and its products are available at thousands of retail stores around the world.  For more information, visit www.zepp.com.

Perhaps all baseball scouts around the world will stand and cheer because the introduction of Zepp’s sensor and the lab’s partnership with Perfect Game should make all of their jobs easier and their assessments more accurate. Never before has there been a device used in the scouting process that can so accurately monitor all of these logistics.  Though today’s announcement only ensures the arrival of the Zepp 3D sensor in the scouting world, it’s only a matter of time until we see this technology permeate all levels of the American Pastime. Even the majors.