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Training With: Workouts and training tips from professional athletes

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Whether it’s on a field or in a weight room, with a kettlebell or a yoga mat, professional athletes are always looking to train their bodies for optimal performance. Take a closer look at the training regimens of some of the top athletes from the world of sports.

. Lavonte David

Being an NFL linebacker takes speed, power and agility. As Lavonte David's trainer says, to be one of the best, you need to tackle with power and hit like a lineman, but you also need to cover and move around in space like a defensive back. Find out how David's unorthodox training regimen has pushed him into the top tier.

. Ian Walsh

Chasing around the world after waves the size of small buildings requires more than a blithe disregard for one’s safety. For big wave surfer Ian Walsh, there’s a science to finding and riding the most colossal walls of water the ocean has to offer.

. Greg Jennings

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Greg Jennings likens his training to a state-of-the-art electric car: efficient and effective but thoroughly outnumbered by more traditional options. By incorporating specific CrossFit moves into his training regimen, Jennings looks to stay on top in the NFL.

. Frank Kaminsky

With the influx of advanced sports technology and training centers like P3 in Santa Barbara, Calif., where NBA prospect Frank Kaminsky prepares ahead of the draft, players are able to hone in on specific aspects of their development like never before.

. Nigel Sylvester

BMX practicioner Nigel Sylvester takes to the streets of NYC to demonstrate just how he gets in shape to ride every day.

. Alex Honnold

Alex Honnold’s life is in his hands—those freakishly large palms and sausagelike digits, with fingerprints eroded away from years of wear. Find out how he gets his monster grip.

. Trevor Bauer

Cleveland Indians righthander Trevor Bauer likes to throw the ball as high and far as he can, an arm-strengthening practice known as long toss.

. Byron Jones

At the NFL combine, Byron Jones quickly rose up scouts' draft boards after breaking the combine and world record for the longest broad jump.

. Kevin Love

Since his rookie season in 2009, Kevin Love has transformed his physique—and his attitude off of the court—through his specialized yoga practice, led by instructor Kent Katich.

. Mix Diskerud

New York City Football Club's newest star midfielder Mix Diskerud shows how he develops his fast feet and shares a secret about his training.

. Evan Longoria

It's taken a lot of years for Rays third baseman Evan Longoria to learn what his body needs. Take a closer look at 29-year-old's preparation for spring training and find out what keeps him going every day.

. Jabari Parker

It began as a standard fast break: a missed shot, a quick rebound and a sprint toward the rim at the opposite end of the court. It ended unexpectedly, with Bucks rookie Jabari Parker clutching his left knee as he lay on the floor. After learning that he suffered a season-ending ACL injury, Parker began the road to recovery.