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In a wave of color, RVCA launches a line of eye-dazzling surfboards

A look at some of RVCA's top surfboard designs for 2016.

In RVCA’s first foray into surfboards, the California-based surf and skate clothing company partnered with famed surfer Christian Fletcher and Madhouse Kustomz to produce a line of completely colorful handmade boards.

Madhouse, the creation of Fletcher and motorcycle and car fabricator Mike Maldonado, blends the worlds of vehicle fabrication and surf art together using such strategies as metal flake paint and gold leaf lettering. RVCA describes the hybrid as “old-school knowledge and craftsmanship infused with new-school technology and innovation.”

Born in Southern California, the Madhouse “turbo lizard” board construction features carbon fiber epoxy and a Kevlar wrap offering a wide point above the center with more than a half-inch single concave through most of the bottom of the board. With a flat tail and rail technology, Fletcher wanted to redistribute the foam on the deck rail to give an illusion of a concave deck.

Of course, what really catches the eye remains those hand-done paint jobs. And bright colors.


Tim Newcomb covers stadiums, sneakers and technology for Sports Illustrated. Follow him on Twitter at @tdnewcomb.