Two BASE jumpers Chris McDougall and Jimmy Pouchert traveled to Dubai to be flung in the human catapult slingshot. 

By Joe Carberry
July 01, 2016

Every Friday in The Weekender we take a look at the videos and news from the week that was—like the human slingshot in Dubai—and give you a preview of some of the most important events in the world of action and outdoor sports coming up this weekend.

Mountain Biker Killed by Grizzly Bear

In sad news out of Glacier National Park, a mountain biker was attacked and killed by a grizzly bear just outside Montana’s Glacier National Park on Wednesday. Brad Treat, a 38-year-old law enforcement officer for the Forest Service, was riding in the Half Moon Lakes area when the bear took him off his bike. "(He was an) amazing man, an all around stand up guy, a devoted husband, amazing brother, loving son and loyal friend who would go above and beyond to help those in need," his sister-in-law Melissa Treat said. Grizzly bear numbers have increased in recent years as have their encounters with humans. This marks the seventh fatal grizzly attack since 2010.


The Human Slingshot

So if BASE jumpers start their jump on the ground, is it still BASE jumping? That’s what Jimmy Pouchert and Chris McDougall did recently when they were flung into the air by this human slingshot constructed in Dubai. A crane and loads of industrial rubber were used to shoot the stuntmen some 300 feet in the air where they claimed they reached 200 kilometers per hour in a single second. Sometimes, as humans, we have way too much time on our hands.

This Hawk Can Still Fly

More than any of the X Games medals, the videos, or really any other accomplishments, when iconic skateboarder Tony Hawk recently completed a 900 in a halfpipe at 48 years old, he solidified his status as one of the greatest skateboarders of all time. Just from the sheer will it took to complete the trick, because two and half spins never looked so difficult. Hawk labored hard during this session at an indoor skatepark to throw a trick he first completed 17 years before at the X Games in San Francisco. “I’m still going,” he said. “And I’ll keep going until the wheels fall off, I guess.” As beat as he looked after, this seemed as close as he could have to come to having those “wheels fall off.” Hawk is nearly 50, and yet is one of only a tiny handful of people that can pull this trick off. One rough estimate has that number at only 15.

Davenport Shows off Portillo Chile, the Super C Couloir

This video from professional skier Chris Davenport went semi-viral this week as Davenport climbed, and then skied, the Super C Couloir near Portillo, Chile, a 5,200-foot descent shot on his GoPro. Davenport has skied all the Colorado peaks over 14,000 feet and spends his time guiding and freeriding all over the world. And runs like this in the Andes are the spoils of his labor.

What’s On Tap

ABC | Saturday 3 p.m. EST

The Fiji Pro will run on ABC on Saturday, showcasing some of the best conditions thus far on the 2016 Tour. Spoiler alert: Gabriel Medina still takes out Matt Wilkinson.

UCI Mountain Bike and Trials World Championships | Saturday-Sunday 8:50 a.m. EST

Live from the Czech Republic, traditional mountain bikers and trials cyclists gather in Eastern Europe. Trials cycling showcases gifted riders stalling their bikes on different features.

Street League Skateboarding (Munich) | Saturday 7:30 a.m. EST

Some of the world’s best skateboarders will congregate in Germany over the weekend for a Street League stop. The finals will run on FoxSports1.

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