By C.W. Sesno
February 01, 2013

You won't like Jim Harbaugh when he's angry... (Landov) You won't like Jim Harbaugh when he's angry... (Landov)

Super Bowl week is always a media frenzy, and there are a couple storylines this year that are getting beaten into the ground. One is Ray Lewis, the other surrounds John and Jim Harbaugh, the first pair of sibling head coaches in the NFL to face off in the Super Bowl.

For our purposes, let's leave Ray Ray alone and focus on the HarBros. If you're just now learning that these are two highly competitive guys, you've been living under a rock for the last two weeks. In fact "competitive" is a major understatement. Hell, two of Jim's own players, Carlos Rodgers and Patrick Willis, have used the word "crazy" to describe their coach.

Why does Jim in particular always seem like he needs some "woosah" stress therapy from Bad Boys 2? Seriously. Every time cameras catch the 49ers head coach on the sideline, tell me he doesn't look stressed to the point of constipation. You've seen that face he makes. It's that "Oh boy, this one is going to be a photo finish" look. And it's not just on-field stress that pushes him to this point. A pep-talking fan who stumbled into the locker room during this Visa commercial does it (great Harbaugh Face at the 0:20 mark). Something as simple as a team bus ride can too. And quite frankly I have no idea what the heck is going on here.

So what other non-football scenarios draw out the Harbaugh Face? We took a look through a theoretical photo archive to find 11 seemingly routine scenarios.

1. Queen's speech? Damn, I'm in the wrong theater...


2. I'm out of web! Jedi powers don't fail me now


3. Who's in for Catfish at the Te'o household tonight?


4. Ready, set, staring contest!

Tiger Woods stares at Jim Harbuagh

5. Way to blow that bro hug, Affleck

Ben Affleck is scared of Jim Harbaugh

6. Beyonce you better not be faking!

Beyonce, Barack Obama and Jim Harbaugh at inauguration 2013

7. I'm gonna throw you in the DeLorean and gun it to 88!

YouTube YouTube

8. Watchu lookin' at Derrick!


9. Diddy, rub Tommy's face in the rug to shake the grumpies


10. Shaun, little help here? Shaun?


11. Wait, wait ... Mike Miller isn't a pirate?


Editor's note: These photos are clearly not from any real archive. They are illustrations done in the name of parody. If you have ideas on photos that warrant Harbaugh Face inclusion, holler in the comments.

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