By Extra Mustard
March 12, 2013

Curtis Woodhouse isn't the first professional athlete to be harassed on Twitter, but the British boxer may be the first to flip the script on a keyboard warrior so satisfyingly.

After Woodhouse lost his English light welterweight title to Shane Singleton on Friday, he was branded "complete disgrace," "laughable joke" and "waste of spunk" by an anonymous troll with handle @jimmyob88 on Twitter.

But he wouldn't stay anonymous for long.

Woodhouse, a former footballer who then had more than 17,000 followers on Twitter, offered up a £1,000 reward if they could help him locate "Jimbob," which of course they could and did. The fighter than live-tweeted his journey to his abuser's doorstep ... prompting a public apology from the troll.







Woodhouse's story drew praise from high places as it circulated, including messages of support from Lennox Lewis, Joey Barton and former Hull Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott.


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