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Model Behavior

C.J. Wilson, Lisalla Montenegro

C.J. Wilson, Lisalla Montenegro

The fine folks at Head & Shoulders asked me if I'd like to interview their newest "Mane Man," (look at that flow) Angels pitcher C.J. Wilson. Given that the veteran left-hander has done many interviews with Hot Clicks, I wanted to do something a little different. So, I asked Wilson, who is dating stunning Brazilian supermodel Lisalla Montenegro, to tell me the five best and worst things about dating a supermodel. Here is his list.


1. They're always traveling. Lisalla has to fly all over the place, so sometimes we'll go a long time without seeing each other.

2. Having to answer questions about how you met your supermodel girlfriend from teammates who want to have a supermodel girlfriend.

3. Your teammates asking you if your supermodel girlfriend has any supermodel friends who would date them.

4. Having to keep your personal appearance on point. You don't want to be the guy dragging the equation down. If she's a 10, you don't want to look like a 4.

5. Learning a new language.


1. When they walk in a room first, you can be completely invisible. Nobody sees you at all.

2. If they ask for a table at a restaurant, they're going to get it. We're always seated right away.

3. They're very healthy, so you end up eating well and going to the gym. They help you take care of yourself.

4. She looks way better in any baseball-related clothing than I do.

5. Everybody has an extra level of respect for you when you're able to to maintain a relationship with a supermodel. When you have the same girl on your arm for a long period of time, people think, "Well, that guy must really have his stuff together or she would've left him by now for greener pastures."


Pistons guard Jose Calderon got mixed up when going back to the locker room during last night's game against the Raptors, his team for the previous seven seasons. The best part was his reaction when he realized he got caught.

Right To The Point

Mississippi State keeps its recruiting letters short and simple. Very simple.

Lovely Lady Link Roundup


Victoria's Secret model Lindsay Ellingson is back with a new gallery. ... Guyism.com looks at the 100 sexiest actresses over 40. ... Nina Agdal seems to do a new photoshoot every day.

Guess Again


It's going to be a long baseball season for me on Twitter. I can take it, though.

Sorry In Advance

A few members of Hot Clicks Nation often write in to explain that WFAN's Mike Francesa is a local radio host and people outside of New York don't care about him (as if I don't know this). Well, the Sports Pope, as he is known in New  York, just signed a long-term extension with the radio station, so Hot Clicks will continue to cover his memorable moments.

Sports Video Of The Day

Pirates pitcher A.J. Burnett killed a rosin bag yesterday.

[mlbvideo id="25937679" width="400" height="224" /]

Botched Robbery Video Of The Day