By Jimmy Traina
April 18, 2013

All Together Now

Boston Bruins fans Boston Bruins fans :: Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Chances are, you've seen this video already. But people keep e-mailing and tweeting me to tell me I have to lead Hot Clicks with it, so here are 18,000 Boston Bruins fans taking over the national anthem at last night's game.

Speaking Of Boston...

Listen, I know my role, so I understand that Hot Clicks is not the place to cover something as serious as the bombings. However, if you've read Hot Clicks for any length of time, you know that we love a good media debacle. Yesterday featured many, which you can see right here. You should also watch Jon Stewart tear CNN a new one.

And Now Back To The Frivolity

I can't think of a better transition from the previous item to these GIFs of Giants relievers acting in horror at something odorous in the bullpen.

Lovely Lady Links Roundup

Bella Twins Bella Twins :: Bryan Steffy/Getty Images

I got an text message this morning from former Hot Clicks backup writer Andy Gray (aka @SI_Vault) asking me to feature the WWE's Bella Twins today in honor of his birthday. Since I embarrassed him on Twitter, I feel I need to honor the request. ...I have a feeling we will seeing more of model Marina Mozzoni based on this. ...  Here is model Xenia Deli's latest work.

It Actually Went Backwards

Mariners catcher Kelly Shoppach had a bit of trouble trying to throw out a Tigers runner last night.

That's A Wrap

With the NBA regular season now over, it's time to look at the 20 best GIFs from 2012-13 campaign.

Sports Video Of The Day

As a Yankees fan, please allow me to apologize for the team's play-by-play Michael Kay, who almost makes this click unwatchable with his over-the-top excitement. It's still amusing to watch this woman diss "James" on national TV.

[mlbvideo id="26333833" width="400" height="224" /]

Bacon Video Of The Day

Here's an ode to the Internet's favorite food.

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