By Ryan Glasspiegel
April 30, 2013

J.O. Applegate is the first to admit that he doesn't update his NBA comics site,, as much as he should. (He's literally the first—that admission is waiting right there for you at the top of the site.) And it's a shame that he doesn't update more often, because the Internet becomes a more vibrant place when we're able to visualize James Harden's evolution from NBA rookie to Mr. T.

Applegate's work gets a lot of love on The Classical, where it has been used to dress up stories. Now the artist, who recently put prints of those drawings and others up for sale, is making more of a commercial play. Here's a sampling of what as little as $18 can land you, including Rick Ross as a dunk contest prop, Kevin Garnett as a playground menace and Monta Ellis as a pop-a-shot savant.

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