By Jimmy Traina
April 30, 2013

Chase For The Cup

Dustin Penner Dustin Penner :: Dave Sandford/Getty Images

The NHL playoffs begin tonight with three games on the schedule. Since I don't have a favorite hockey team, Hot Clicks is officially rooting for the L.A. Kings to repeat because of this tweet by forward Dustin Penner. The Kings are 14 to 1 to win the Cup, according to, which has all your NHL playoff odds. I've highlighted some of the more interesting prop bets below.

* How many games will the Stanley Cup-winning team play in the 2013 NHL playoffs?

Over/Under: 23.5

* How many games will go to overtime in the 2013 NHL Playoffs?

Over/Under: 17.5

* Will any game go to triple overtime in the 2013 NHL Playoffs?

Yes: - 140


* How Many First Round series will be decided in 7 games?

Over 2.5:  EVEN

Under 2.5: -140

* How Many First Round series will be decided in 4 games?

Over 1.5: +125

Under 1.5: -175

* How many 5 through 8 seed will advance past the first round?

Over 3: -140

Under 3:  EVEN

Speaking Of The Playoffs...

Here is a Separated At Birth photo gallery featuring players from the 2013 NHL postseason.

Major Controversy

The wave is currently tearing apart the Nationals fans and players.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Gabriela Rabelo Gabriela Rabelo

Brazilian model Gabriela Rabelo gets today's LLOD honors. (Thanks to Bud McDonald for the tip, since Rabelo has never been in Hot Clicks before.)

The Hot Clicks Podcast

If you're into very inside media stories or if you just want to hear me squirm, you will enjoy the newest podcast. Earlier today I went very meta and interviewed my boss, Paul Fichtenbaum, the Editor of the Time Inc. Sports Group. We talked about this week's Sports Illustrated's story written by Jason Collins, the six-year anniversary of Hot Clicks, the challenges of the magazine business in 2013 and more. I even asked for a raise and a promotion. You can listen to the podcast below or download it to your mp3 player or download it on iTunes.

[audio|titles=The Hot Clicks Podcast=Paul Fichtenbaum joins the show|width=600]

Prank Video Of The Day

Since everyone is obsessed with checking their phones while they walk around, "Seeing Eye" people are here to help.

Live TV Video Of The Day

Weatherman + hiccups = hilarity.

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