By Bryan Armen Graham
May 07, 2013

Kicked out of the house at 13. Adopted by a friend's family. Passed over for a D-I scholarship. Followed his dreams to the NBA. There's lot of things to love about Jimmy Buckets, Chicago's breakthrough star who has emerged as the steal of the 2011 draft. Here are 12 of our favorite.

1. He's played 144 straight minutes (and counting).

2. The embrace of the photobomb.

3. Did we mention his incredible backstory?

The last words from his mom before throwing him out of the house at 13: "I don't like the look of you. You gotta go."

4. He is #notimpressed ...

5. ... and eminently meme-friendly.

6. He put Chris Bosh on a poster.

7. And the memes flowed like wine.





8. He's a Kobe stopper.

After only his second-ever start.

9. He pays homage to MJ with the tongue ...


10. ... and the turnaround J off the inbounds pass (over the Mamba!).

11. That 40-inch vertical leap.

12. Loves Macaulay Culkin.

Or maybe John Larroquette?

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