By Brett Smiley
May 07, 2013


Hopefully by now the pain inflicted by the shrieking Spurs fan last night has subsided. Good for you if you missed the double-overtime classic, because television viewers nationwide paid dearly. Right now Deadspin is attempting to track down the identity of the woman (or child, or broken toy) whose shrill voice traumatized so many with relentless yelling throughout the TNT broadcast.

Turns out, Screaming Spurs Lady (her unofficial Twitter handle) has some competition. A couple weeks ago, a woman committed a similar vocal atrocity, wailing at the top of her lungs during the broadcast of Game 2 of the Heat-Bucks opening round series on April 23.

Was she worse than the Spurs lady? That's like choosing between ricin or anthrax. Will either of them park their pipes behind the booth again and torture a national audience? Not clear yet, but for collective therapy, let's take a look at both crazy screaming fans and figure out which is worse.

Screaming Heat Lady is awfully loud (a bit more of her here around 4:00) and somewhat coarse. Her shrieks are briefer than Spurs Lady's, but that presents the fear of anticipation, like the dread of an alarm clock sound post-snooze. Here's some reaction:

Now here's Spurs Lady:

Oh boy. Maybe it was too soon to listen again. Spurs Lady's pipes sound much higher, shriller. Her voice pierces ear drums and she lets it rip with callous disregard for everyone around her. SHE SIMPLY DOESN'T STOP. Reactions:

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