By Ryan Glasspiegel
May 09, 2013

Patrick Cummings, a graphic designer in Indianapolis, has spent much of the past two years creating a new professional soccer league. At least, the iconography for one. Rather than designing sportsy logos for teams based on known quantities such as Star Wars characters or Lannisters, he went whole-hog and arted up an entire new circuit: the American Soccer League.

"My goal was to re-imagine a league, but I wanted to avoid doing something like the NFL or MLB," he says. "Mainly because everyone knows what the Bears look like and you'd automatically compare a new design to the old one." (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) Now the designs, which we've collected below, are available on t-shirts. Perfect for confusing your MLS-ignorant friends!

the current women's soccer league folds and a new one gets launched

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