By Bryan Armen Graham
May 15, 2013


I have a theory about the Smashing Pumpkins: The longer their hair, the better they were. It seems the opposite has held for Roger Federer, whose locks have gotten progressively shorter as his stature in tennis has grown.

Yesterday in Rome, the 17-time major champion unveiled his shortest hairstyle to date, which took some by surprise. But longtime observers know the only constant is change when it comes to the Swiss master's look. Here's a retrospective of how Federer's coiffure has evolved through the years.

A natural blond from the jump.

Basic bowl cut. (All of us '80s babies had this one.)

Letting it out (and up) a little.


A little longer as a junior.

Then a style in 1998 resembling the Federer we know today, but not for long ...


A dalliance with bleach ensued.


(Awesome bedroom, by the way.)


Who among us didn't make a stylistic faux pas at 17?

federer-blonde Getty Images

That said, growing out the bleach naturally wasn't the best look.


After turning pro he embraced the samurai.


And then he discovered the straightening iron.


Still rocking the ponytail when he won his first major at Wimbledon in 2003.

Image: Roger Federer AP

After lopping off six inches, he briefly parted it down the middle.


It wasn't always pretty.


Like that manbangs experiment.


But by 2005, he'd let the curls run free.

federer-2005 AP

A medium-length cut was preferred over the past few years ...

federer-2007 AP

... as he became one of the most recognizable athletes on the planet.

Rolex Rolex

And then yesterday's shocker ...


... which some are saying makes him look old ...


... and others have said looks Felicity-inspired.

Yet the next time Federer minds the critics will be the first.


What do you think?

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