By Nick Moran
May 31, 2013


Earlier this week Lids began unveiling new hats on its Twitter feed, asking fans to either “#copit or #dropit” or “#retweetit or #deleteit.” All was going fine until they promoted a series of New Era 59Fifty caps seemingly inspired by the deep space Cocaine Nebula. Fittingly, the first team subjected to the coca treatment was Tony Montana’s hometown team, the Miami Marlins.

Immediately the “MLB Splatter Caps” earned a resounding #dropit from fashion maven Darren Rovell, who called it quite possibly “the worst baseball hat of all time.” The Lids Twitter team responded by aggressively retweeting all words of encouragement from Splatter Fans. How did that go?

@durty_bastard provided sage marketing perspective:

@Scarlson29 offered the ironclad “Why not, I already own ugly stuff?” defense:

And @Tj_Ledgard showcased his formidable simile chops:

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