By Jimmy Traina
June 04, 2013

Props To Parsons

Chandler Parsons Chandler Parsons :: Rocky Widner/Getty Images

After turning down a prom invite he received via Twitter, Rockets guard Chandler Parsons still managed to come through for the girl by sending her a party bus for the big occasion.

Sit Happens

Buffalo Bisons (The Triple-A affiliate of the Blue Jays) manager Marty Brown has a solid tirade Sunday afternoon, which included him taking a seat right on the infield.

A Rare Twosome

One can only imagine the conversations that took place today when Tiger Woods played golf with Kid Rock. Hopefully, Kid didn't try to tempt Tiger to get off the straight and narrow since Linsday Vonn just said the couple is "happy."

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Raquel Gibson :: Raquel Gibson ::

Raquel Gibson was just named's Model of the Month. She's also today's LLOD.

A Challenge

Can you be like Pacers center Roy Hibbert and finish a bottle of Gatorade in six seconds?

Christmas In June

If you're an NFL fan who doesn't get Sunday Ticket on DirecTV, your life is about to change. Sports Business Daily reports that in 2014, you'll be able to stream games on your phone via Verizon.

Sports Video Of The Day

The Taiwanese animators at have recapped the Pacers-Heat series. But what you really should do when YOU'RE FINISHED READING HOT CLICKS is go to their site to watch their new Michael Douglas video. I can't post it on because I'd get fired.

Bad Husband Video Of The Day

Terrible job here by the husband who jumped out of his seat like a bat out of hell as a bat came flying toward his wife last night.

Cheerleaders Video Of The Day

Crystal Palace was just promoted to the Premier League, and the team's cheerleaders joined forces with the Jaguars cheerleaders to celebrate the news with a video.

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