By Ryan Glasspiegel
June 04, 2013

minnesota photobomb

May was a biggie for videobombing: professional athletes, college ball clubs and a certain full-time Knicks fan all notched high-profile performances. This masterpiece, executed with subtle grace by Minnesota players during the fourth inning of a May 24th Big Ten Conference tournament game against Nebraska, actually sat virtually unnoticed on YouTube for a week, gathering dust until it was unearthed by Deadspin last Friday.


Though they would go on to lose the game 7-4, the Golden Gophers won where it mattered—by producing yet another elite videobomb in a month that had already churned out a remarkable number of unforgettable gems. Let's review.

May 1: Toddler drops pants behind Rockets postgame show

Precocious, in a theatrical sense. Great way to start the month.


May 7: Spike Lee sneaks behind Reggie Miller

Their rivalry dates back nearly 20 years, and Spike got the upper hand in the latest chapter. Poetically, this occurred on the 18th anniversary of the pair's most famous incident.


May 15: Craig Sager blows up Will and Jaden Smith's promo

With the ambient glow from his wardrobe, Craig Sager could bomb videos that he doesn't even actually appear in. (After Earth, meanwhile, went on to achieve a different sort of video bomb.)


May 23: Cincinnati baseball demonstrates sustained greatness

The Bearcats finished the season 24-32, and yet the team shouldn't consider their year anything but a rousing success.

May 29: Jordan Gross draws a smirk out of dour Cam Newton

With all the subtlety of a rabid elephant, Panthers offensive tackle Jordan Gross manages to elicit a quick smile from his quarterback, who otherwise looked like his house had just burned down with a litter of puppies inside.


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