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Calling All Bar-Hoppers: SI Hunts For The Nation's Best Sports Bars


If there's two things we love, it's sports and booze -- and not always in that order. So when the idea of embarking on a hunt for the greatest, most debauchery-filled, most unfathomably awesome sports bars was kicked around the SI offices, it was a no-brainer. Mainly because we're all hoping to get a few free rounds out of it.

Thing is, while we may know a thing or two about Tim Duncan, we don't have the same depth of knowledge when it comes to bars around the country. (Hey, you find your local and you stick with it, right?) Since we want our picks reflect all the impressive sports drinking that goes down across the country, we're turning to you boozy clowns to be our eyes, ears and livers on the ground. Whether it's that divey hole-in-the-wall or that sleek (yet affordable) new drinking establishment, we want to hear your picks for the best sports bars America has to offer. Here's the deal:

Where: Send the name(s) of your favorite sports bar(s) to

SI Recommends

Why: Because you love sports, but you love bars just as much.

When: Anytime between now and July 1st. Our first honoree will be announced July 9.