By Jimmy Traina
June 11, 2013

Place Your Bets

Tim Tebow Tim Tebow :: AP

Now that Tim Tebow has signed with the Patriots, you have a chance to make some money. Yes, released these Tebow-related prop bets today.

* Will Tim Tebow make the Patriots 53-man Week 1 roster?

Yes : -400

No: +250

* Will Tim Tebow start a game as a QB for the Patriots in the 2013 regular season?

Yes: +600

No: -1200

* Will Tim Tebow throw a TD pass in the 2013 regular season?

Yes: +200

No: -300

* Tim Tebow total rushing & receiving TD's in the 2013 regular season

Over/Under: 1.5

* Will Tim Tebow attempt a pass in the 2013 regular season?

Yes: -300

No: +200

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Veteran infielder Ian Stewart is currently playing for the Class AAA affiliate of the Cubs, where, he says, he's destined to stay. Stewart revealed this and much more via Twitter last night, when he aired his gripes with the organization. While some people are criticizing Stewart for airing dirty laundry, I give him props for being honest and using Twitter in way that's way more interesting than "Just crushed a workout."

Speaking Of Twitter...

Ole Miss guard Marshall Henderson, who got a lot of coverage during the NCAA tournament for his aggressive play and behavior, made his feelings known about tonight's Game 3 of the NBA Finals.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Model Paris Nichole gets today's LLOD honors.

Talk About Having No Playoff Spirit

One Blackhawks fan passed on growing a playoff beard, but decided to grow a playoff lawn, which he vowed not to cut until Chicago won the Stanley Cup. However, this didn't sit well with neighbors and city officials, who took upon themselves to cut the grass.

He's Acclimating Well

Blue Jays shortstop Munenori Kawasaki singing "O Canada" for Blue Jays fans is something you need to see.

In Case You Missed It

Not only did today's A.M. Hot Clicks feature the Taiwanese animation news report about Tebow joining the Patriots, but we also posted a must-see video of Hot Clicks' favorite Lisalla Montenegro.

"Mad Men" + "Game Of Thrones" Video Of The Day

How did the "Mad Men" cast react to "Game of Thrones'" infamous "Red Wedding" episode?

Live TV Video Of The Day

Seven minutes of animals interacting with news reporters. Enjoy.

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