By Ryan Glasspiegel
June 12, 2013

@kuboobs @kuboobs

For a little while Monday night, it appeared as though the internet was about to lose an admired innovator when @KUBoobs—masterminds of a Twitter "Booobment" that sold breast cancer charity bracelets by trading on its followers' love of both the Kansas Jayhawks and outsized jugs—passed along troubling news:

The tweet was a gut punch, like a beloved TV show getting canceled by network fat cats. But just as all appeared hopeless, Kansas associate athletic director Jim Marchiony addressed the issue (!) and assured everyone that KUBoobs wasn't going anywhere (!!):

braceletsSo all is well and good in the world of gangantuan charity knockers, right? Well, sort of. Rock Chalk Blog published KU's cease and desist order, which contained the following language: "It has come to our attention that you are using certain Marks of the University including, but not limited to, the University's KU word Mark in connection with your business, including without limitation, its name, URL (, and products. ... On behalf of the University of Kansas, CLC demands that you and every person or company affiliated with you immediately discontinue all use of the University's Marks."

That whole "including, but not limited to" wording seemed to imply that @KUBoobs' very existence was at risk -- hence the initial panic -- but that no longer appears to be the case. The bracelets, however, weren't spared the axe. They were the "merchandise" Marchiony mentioned in his tweets, and were being sold on, with some of the proceeds going to breast cancer research. Both the site and the bracelets have been nixed, which is unfortunate, considering the positive nature of their existence.

But let us not dwell on the bad. Spurred on by the #SaveKUBoobs hashtag, @KUBoobs been as vibrant as ever for the past two days.

 the boobment will prevail.

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