All of the Women In DeSean Jackson's New Music Video Look Bored

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Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson recently released a music video for "Diamonds On My Neck," a song featuring Snoop Dogg and Yung Chris. It's set in Las Vegas, with Jackson & co. rapping about such edifying topics as money, jewelry, and girls. The video hits all of the time-honored rap video notes, though one thing does stick out while watching: It doesn't seem like any of the featured women have any desire to be there.

Work is work—but instead of appearing sultry, the women appear all deeply unhappy to be associated with the project.

Her? Deeply unhappy.


Her walk says provocative; her face says, " 'N2ITION'? Really?"


Double the displeasure.


Not even going to pretend when DeSean is sitting right there.


You can almost hear the exasperated sighs through the computer screen.


Oh, also, the song isn't very good.