By Brett Smiley
July 22, 2013

In today's Hot Clicks, Traina posted a link to what he called his "favorite foul ball catch ever"—a nonchalant one-handed snag by a spectator whose other paw was occupied by a bag of peanuts:

[mlbvideo id="28938097" width="600" height="336" /]

Impressiveness aside, the catch served as the latest reminder that only at baseball games do spectators get an opportunity to emulate or even trump the amazing plays being performed by professionals on the field. Some fans even ratchet up the degree of difficulty by accomplishing their spectacular, glove-less feats while holding things such as nachos, hot dogs, beer or human infants.

We hereby salute these fans.


Father makes incredible baby-in-arm extension catch with hat

[mlbvideo id="26797269" width="600" height="336" /]

Kudos to the baby for staying awake and holding its pacifier in place during the catch, despite having hung around for four extra frames.

Father on the stairs at AT&T Park wins rousing applause after barehanded grab with baby in arms

[mlbvideo id="27354895" width="600" height="336" /]

Notice the two-arm-under the child's legs technique. The man is an innovator.

Nationals fan barehands a 430-plus-foot Jayson Werth bomb @corkgaines/

Not only does he make a spectacular catch but he used perfect form: lined up the ball, got under it, moved the baby away from the impact.

Braves fan stretches and snags foul ball, nobody get harmed

One day, the man's offspring will well with pride when he checks out the catch on YouTube.


Highlight-maker Jayson Werth smacks a foul ball, Phillies fan walking with tray of beverages reels it in

No spillage. Maximum respect.

Mariners fan catches ball in beer, chugs beer (with ball in it)

Lest you worry that the catch would distract him from his mission.

Home Run Derby luminary dives into Arizona's outfield pool to make grab and still manages to save beer

Kudos to the other fans who honored the man's wishes by rescuing the beer first, then made sure he didn't drown.

Guy carrying giant tray of food snares some stitched cowhide

[mlbvideo id="25157427" width="600" height="336" /]

Don't be so modest, bro.

Three-time NBA All-Star Dan Majerle reels in ground rule double while stabilizing a plate of food

[mlbvideo id="21380555" width="600" height="336" /]

"I do have my priorities -- food first, then baseball" Majerle said.

Indians fan holding wiener snatches foul ball along outfield rail


And after properly celebrating, he takes a man sized chomp out of the dog, surprising no one.

Gamereax Gamereax

A's fan with plate leaps over competition, revels in accomplishment before disappointed neighbor



This guy could play free safety for the Raiders, as long as Roger Goodell is cool with defensive backs running around with nachos.

Guy traps ball between legs after sprinting down stairs with soda in one hand and grub in other

That's f***ing teeeeaaamwork.

Usain Bolt admirer reels in foul while holding full beer


His companion was paralyzed with pride for the duration.


Diamondbacks fan nabs a Jason Kubel fouled liner with one hand, holding sunglasses with the other

Chew on that, disapproving lady wearing D-Backs jersey.

Clever Jays fan snatches tall foul ball with her hat

[mlbvideo id="28225843" width="600" height="336" /]

Her thinking cap.

Man talking on cell phone gloves a hard grounder

"Can you hear me now? Yeah, I'm awesome."

Finally, we have to give props to this Jays fan who uses two hands to capture a swirling bat

A fan catches a bat lost by Giants Hunter Pence.

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