Pearl Jam Brought Ernie Banks On Stage at Wrigley Field to Belt Out "All the Way"

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On Friday Pearl Jam played a concert at Wrigley Field; one highlight of the show was a storm delay that required fans to evacuate the stadium. The concert would later resume, ultimately ending around 2 AM and bothering some neighbors. (When they chose to reside in Wrigleyville, how could they ever have anticipated that the neighborhood might be loud on summer weekends? Such victims.)

Oh, also, Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder brought Cubs legend Ernie Banks out on stage to sing part of "All the Way," a song that Vedder -- a greater Chicago native -- wrote at Banks' behest in 2008. Banks entered the stage to wild applause, wearing the baseball mitt that Vedder had owned as a five-year old.

That was a highlight, too.



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