By Brett Smiley
July 23, 2013

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Yesterday a royal baby was born; today, a meme. The attempted escape of In The Way Guy — some dude who walked into a photograph of a marriage proposal at Disney World—now has an incalculable number of amateur Photoshoppers hard at work. Reddit recently anointed him to photo meme status after users inserted the bespectacled tourist into snapshots of historical scenes and humanitarian abominations—including some iconic sports moments.

There a famous sports photo you think is deserving of the In The Way treatment? Right-click and save this image of the intruder, toss it onto the classic photo, and then post it in the comments below. We'll add the best ones to the stream and tweet them out. intheway

ali reddit

Sonny Liston saves face.

Ali reddit

Tour de In The Way Guy.

HsTJXig reddit

He felt like running.

cv1NF6b reddit

The only man bold enough to steal Bolt's thunder.

51eea607217df reddit

When one meme ruins another. So meta.

Less obtrusive than a parachuter.

Would have saved CBS a couple mil.


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