Canadian Open turns into rumble between Thai badminton players

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h/t @TheBigLead

Because when you think badminton, you think of a sport where a fight could break out and any moment. No? Well, that's exactly what happened Sunday as two former Thai Olympic teammates, Bodin “Art” Issara and Maneepong “A” Jongjit, began jawing at each other before their match.

What is perhaps most astonishing (besides the obvious, "why do you need to beat the crap out of someone over a badminton game?") is no one seems at all interested in breaking this fight up.

The two men take their beef all over the court, as if out of a scene from Mortal Kombat. At some point while watching, you half expect the PA announcer to yell "Finish him!"

There also seems to be the strange sports fight rule in play here, where athletes, for some reason, eschew natural instincts in a fight. Much like baseball players dropping their bats to charge the mound (if you're going to fight someone, wouldn't you bring the WEAPON in your hand to help?), Issara and Jongjit don't use the rackets they're used to hurling at high speeds to beat the hell out of each other, preferring instead to opt for barenuckle boxing.