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Take a Gander at These Outstanding Posters of Minimalist MLB Stadium Design

Any time you're taking your first trip to a given baseball stadium, there's a good chance that the unique grandeur of the venue will be more memorable than the game being played inside it. Because of their non-standardized dimensions  and the design requirements of the game, baseball stadiums, moreso than stadia in other sports, have a history of giving rise to iconic features and quirks. There's a lot of space out there beyond the outfield walls, so why not use some of it for a bit of whimsy?

In part 1 of his "Minimalist Baseball Stadiums" series, graphic designer S. Preston Chuhon sought to highlight this phenomenon. "The goal of minimal art is to break down something to it’s essence and make it highly identifiable using as little as possible," Chuhon writes on his web site. "I decided to render baseball stadiums using this artistic approach."

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The prints are available on Chuhon's s Redbubble page, alongside some of his other designs—which include a bitching Sonics/Mariners mashup iPhone case and an NES-inspired Jeremy Lin tee.