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Summer's Best

We're using Labor Day to look back at 20 of the best/funniest/wildest videos that have appeared in Hot Clicks since June 21, the first day of summer. And since I know you guys can't be denied of an LLOD, I'm reposting this gallery of model Shelby Chesnes, who was named Lovely Lady of the Day in P.M. Hot Clicks on June 21, the most read edition of the summer.

1. From June 21: Trampoline Cliff Jumping.

2. From June 26: Jerry Seinfeld interviewed by Howard Stern.

3. From June 28: Blackhawks vs. Bruins Stanley Cup Final: A tale of two bars.

4. From July 5: Fox reporter Amy Campbell gets leveled by a football player.

5. From July 5: Maid of Honor channels Eminem for her toast.

6. From July 10: Blurred Lines mashed up with the Cosby Show opening.

7From July 11: Fox News host hits baby in face with basketball.

8From July 12: Reporter wakes up, interviews the only Titans fan in line to buy season tickets.

9From July 15: Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez goes nuts after teammate Giancarlo Stanton hits game-tying home run.

[mlbvideo id="28887193" width="600" height="360" /]

10From July 15Carly Rae Jepsen's disastrous first pitch.

11From July 16: Mets pitcher Matt Harvey asks New Yorkers about Mets pitcher Matt Harvey.

12. From July 18: Golfer Jordan Spieth gets dissed by ESPN's Tom Rinaldi.

12From July 24: News reporter has awkward telestrator moment.

14. From July 29: David Ortiz destroys a dugout phone.

15. From July 29: Players from the Arena Football League's Utah Blaze celebrate a touchdown by doing The Rock's People's Elbow.

16. From July 30: This is what happens when one girl asks 100 guys if they'd like to have sex.

17. From July 30: This is what happens when one guys asks 100 girls if they'd like to have sex.

18. From Aug. 5: A muscular Mets fan can't open a little bottle of water.

19. From Aug. 5: A Family Feud contestant gets graphic.

20. From Aug. 6: Eli and Peyton Manning star in "Football on Your Phone" music video.