By Ryan Glasspiegel
September 04, 2013

pearl izumi dead dog ad

A recent ad from apparel company Pearl Izumi was predicated on one simple idea: That the brand's new running sneakers are so robust that your dog will perish while attempting to keep up with you. The thing about that simple idea, however, is that people like dogs. A lot. So, after the whole market-our-shoes-by-showing-a-dog-that-appears-to-be-dying approach drew ire from presumably every single person and object that saw it, the brand took to its Facebook page to apologize, and note that they were taking the ad out of circulation. "As most of us here at Pearl Izumi are dog owners, we want you to know we would never, ever do anything to harm an animal," the statement reads.

BUT BUT BUT, on the off chance that you 1. Go ahead and purchase Pearl Izumi shoes and 2. Run so quickly in those shoes that your dog passes out, Pearl Izumi still has this video, which demonstrates how to perform CPR on a dog, on its web site:


In related news, RIP Blue II.


Business Insider

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