By austin wood
September 06, 2013

A week’s worth of video game news and trailers, all in convenient digest form.


Sony Reveals Their Next-Gen Virtual Reality Contender 

Although it still smacks more of science-fiction than it does viability (let alone marketability), the virtual reality front has seen rapid expansion in recent years, primarily thanks to the Kickstarter darling that is the Oculus Rift. The crew over at Oculus, who are experts on all things ocular and digital, claim that their virtual reality headset will "change everything" when it hits shelves. Unfortunately, lackluster publisher support for the Rift is stifling Oculus' ambition, as is often the case with self-proclaimed revolutionary technologies. (Hi, 3DTV). This makes Sony's recent announcement of its own VR headset all the more noteworthy.


With its enormous production resources and IP assets, Sony is poised to dominate the nascent VR battleground—eventually. According to Eurogamer sources, although Sony is working to secure publisher support for their as-yet-unnamed headset, the final product won't be ready until fall 2014. Moreover, as Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida said in a recent statement, the corporation is not yet ready to make its plans public. However, the tech is evidently far enough into development to yield a product worth touting: A virtual reality version of upcoming next-gen racer DriveClub (seen above). Beyond that, the only concrete fact we have is that the headset, whatever it may be, will strictly function as a sold-separately peripheral for the PlayStation 4. The next-gen war just became even more intriguing.


Game News

Microsoft clarifies its "free copes of FIFA 14" plan

After promoting the living daylights out of FIFA 14 and its bundle with the Xbox One, Microsoft has now clarified that free doesn't necessarily mean for everyone. A new report from Joystiq confirms that the aforementioned pre-order copies of FIFA 14 are, in fact, reserved exclusively for the limited Day One editions of the Xbox One. That changes things significantly for European buyers, as the Day One edition of the console is all but impossible to find—as Eurogamer points out, Amazon UK is sold out of the bundle entirely. And if Amazon doesn't have something, it basically doesn't exist.

Speaking of FIFA 14: All is well with EA and Aston Villa

Hey, look—some good news involving EA and its football licenses. It's English football, granted, but considering the events of the past few weeks, EA was presumably pleased to renew their partnership with Aston Villa. As reported by GMZ, the news affirms the Club's intent to keep EA as their Official Football Action Games Planner. Commenting on their relationship with EA, Villa chief executive Paul Faulkner stated, "We have been delighted by our partnership with EA Sports for the past two seasons, and the renewal of this commitment for a further two years is very pleasing. The mutual benefits are self-evident and we look forward to continuing to work together." Unsurprisingly, EA is using the news to gush about FIFA 14 in every manner possible: Aston Villa FIFA paraphernalia, from game covers to in-game wallpapers, will be up for grabs come launch day—provided you pre-order the game, of course.


The Part With the Videos

Hype, Hype and More Hype: NHL 14 Is Out In Force With Its New 'Light You Up' Trailer

Get The Goods On NBA 2K14's Rosters, Straight From The Game's Producer 


Final Boss

A History of Street Fighter, a Catalyst for ESports

Although the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) scene has swelled thanks to the success of titles like League of Legends and Valve's DOTA 2, fighting games such as Capcom's Street Fighter—one of the longest-running franchises in the history of the genre—will always have a sizable following among the nostalgia set. With that history in mind, Capcom produced a 72-minute documentary about the series. Want to witness one of the most climactic fights in video game history? Skip to the 48-minute mark. Then go back and watch the whole thing.


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