By Jimmy Traina
September 12, 2013

No More Slobberknockers

Jim Ross Jim Ross :: J. Shearer/Getty Images

It was announced Wednesday that the Vin Scully of professional wrestling, Jim Ross, is retiring from the WWE. (Or was he pushed out?) Ross hasn't called any action for a few years and the organization hasn't been the same since. When a guy who uttered the infamous line, "As God as my witness, he is broken in half," isn't behind the mic anymore, your company is going to suffer. If you'd like to relive some of Ross' career highlights you can here: Watch the awesome announcement about his Hall of Fame induction, enjoy his greatest calls and funniest moments and check out the various Jim Ross dubs onto sports highlights. Also, listen to his July 2012 appearance on the Hot Clicks Podcast.

Let's Play The Feud

Marlins rookie pitcher Jose Fernandez, who has had a rookie season for the ages, angered a couple of Braves players with his actions last night. The Atlanta players especially took offense to the way Fernandez admired a home run he hit in the sixth inning. Personally, I think if a pitcher hits a home run, he can do whatever he wants at home plate, but clearly Fernandez went over the line.

Alabama-Texas A&M Hype, Part III

We covered this on Monday and Wednesday. Today we have the following: Tickets for the game are the most expensive in college football history. And don't bet on Johnny Football -- the horse.

Lovely Lady Links Roundup

Kate Upton :: SI Kate Upton :: SI

Brand new Kate Upton photos. ... Kelly Brook's 2014 calendar will have you wishing it was January already. ... English glamour model Danica Thrall was just named Sexiest Blonde in the World by a U.K. magazine.


South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier refuses to give any press conferences if a certain writer is in the room. This is alone is absurd, but it gets worse. The writer's newspaper has now told him he is never allowed to write about Gamecocks football ever again, so the Old Ballcoach Bully wins.

What's New On Instagram

It was 90 degrees in New York City yesterday, but Russell Westbrook chose to wear this outfit.

Rockies outfielder Carlos Gonzalez (in the suit) posted this picture with the questionable caption, "Today we dress the young boys!!!"

Harssment Video Of The Day

An Ashton Kutcher-in-his-Punk'd-days-like comedian from France tried his hardest to annoy Manchester City's Samir Nasri on the streets yesterday. The end result is Nasri coming off as a guy with more patience than most athletes.

Ridiculous Commercial Of The Day

This is a real product and real commercial. (Thanks to Chris L., of Ann Arbor, Mich., and Randy for the video.)

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