By Ryan Glasspiegel
September 17, 2013

At 26 years old, I have already been a washed up gamer for nearly a decade. As such, on release day for Grand Theft Auto V, I feel nostalgic for the video games of yesteryear, which were fun and simple and did not feel like a full-time job to master.

This get-off-my-lawn-ness was only reinforced when I saw this Pop Chart lab flow chart (their previous infographics covered the evolutions of sneakers and college mascots) depicting the progression of every NES game--over 700 in total--including Mario Bros., Jurassic Park, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and Tecmo Bowl:


Click here to view a zoomed-in version of the picture and/or buy it in 24" x 36" poster form.


Pop Chart Lab Mental Floss

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