By austin wood
September 18, 2013

A week’s worth of video game news and trailers, all in convenient digest form.

Ex-FIFA Executive Named EA CEO


Yesterday, Electronic Arts confirmed the appointment of Andrew Wilson to the lofty position of company CEO.

Wilson has been with EA for years, most recently overseeing EA SPORTS and the publisher's online distribution platform, Origin, after previously serving as Executive Producer of the FIFA franchise.


Dust has yet to settle around the power transfer, and neither Wilson nor EA's board of directors have commented on the immediate implications of the change. Given the rapid encroachment of the next console generation, however, we can expect one or two surprises from EA in the coming months.

Game News

  • Achievement lists for F1 2013 and WWE 2K14 have hit the web.
  • NCAA Football 14 just got a bit more customizable thanks to this $1 Uniform Pack.
  • Remember FIFA Online? What about FIFA Online 2? Well, their maker is being bought out.
  • Football Manager 2014 coming October 31—oh, and it loves Vitas.
  • Get the goods on NBA 2K14's new Crew Mode and its "new defensive improvements"

FIFA 14's Soundtrack Is Even More Diverse Than Its Roster


Through its ever expanding line of feature and teaser trailers, FIFA 14 has proven that it's not enough to be an immersive, realistic sports gaming experience--you've got to have good music too. And the game's official soundtrack doesn't disappoint, featuring everything from Nine Inch Nails  to The Naked And Famous to the recent hit from The Royal Concept, "On Our Way." From electronic and pop to classic rock, FIFA 14's 37-artist lineup, hailing from 13 countries, has memorable football anthems in spades.

The Part With The Videos

PES 2014 Invites You To Create Your Own Athlete With Its New Player Editor 

Old-School Speed Makes A Comeback With F1 2013's Ferrari 312 T2

Grand Theft Auto V Just Hit Shelves, But The Internet Has Already All Over It

The ever-funny team over at CollegeHumor took the time out of their busy schedule to explain just what makes Grand Theft Auto V so realistic. Well, sort of. You might want to play the game yourself before you mourn for Nelson's loss.

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