By Ryan Glasspiegel
October 16, 2013

kevin durant peanut butter and jelly

Following a stretch in which Kevin Durant's Nikes have been fashioned after weather patterns and tropical candies, a limited-edition peanut butter and jelly colorway is slated for an October 19th release. The shoes look downright delicious, but let's talk about that sandwich they're next to.

First of all, the bread is sub-optimal -- it looks like they bought whatever plain white loaf was on-sale for $.99. My personal preference is fresh rye bread, but you definitely need something that won't wither and get soggy under the weight of the ingredients. Furthermore, there's too much jelly. It's practically overflowing. In order to obtain a proper balance of flavor, you need about a 2:1 peanut butter-to-jelly ratio.

Finally, it's not entirely clear from the picture, but it appears they used creamy peanut butter. While reasonable people can disagree -- and be wrong -- chunky peanut butter is vastly superior in every regard. You need texture in your sandwich or it feels like you're eating gruel. Nobody wants that.



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