By Ryan Glasspiegel
October 17, 2013


Fresh off his stint as the USC band's drum major, Will Ferrell appeared on The Dan Patrick Show yesterday to talk Trojans football. After briefly discussing Lane Kiffin's firing ("It was shocking that it happened the way that it did ... we felt bad for the guy"), Ferrell launched into an impersonation of new interim head coach Ed Orgeron around the 2:40-mark.

Orgeron was famously described in Michael Lewis' book The Blind Side as "coonass." Lewis explained in an interview the process of trying to understand the Louisiana native: "I don't know if you've ever been to see an English actor do Shakespeare, but it takes a little while before your ear gets acclimated and you can understand what the actors are saying."

And, well, in his moderately decipherable impression that encompassed chocolate covered almonds, defensive linemen wrestling alligators, and voodoo magic, Ferrell nailed it.

"You sound like Redd Fox and Bobby Boucher," Patrick told him.


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